If we are to stand we need the solid ground on which to do it.

    Since the mid 1600s this has been given to us by science. Man has reduced the workings of nature to something akin to a kit of parts. The original intention of  'putting Nature to the question'  has been overtaken by a desire to control it.

    Our ancestors were content to live in harmony with nature. They respected the natural cycles. Their lives and religions reflected this.

    As we advanced through the ages our religions changed to help develop advances in man. Over the last two thousand years the great teachers have explained the need for man to live in harmony with his fellow man. We do now live more in harmony with each other, but seem to have forgotten that we also need to live in harmony with nature.

    World mythology and legend does indeed speak of something lost. A secret that once we knew and one day will know again. This secret / knowledge is so powerful that it will change the individual / mankind for ever and will usher in a paradise on earth / blessed land / Shambhala.

     The problem is that until this secret is found, the only serious way to look at it is as a fantasy.

     What has been found is not a fantasy.

     Covering the landscape of Britain with a repeating pattern that intertwines the beauty of ratio and proportion with ancient religious and archetypal symbolism, it offers a guide to man on his journey to perfection.

     Perfectly combining the head and the heart while at the same time adhering strictly to the three tenets of modern science - being detectable, measurable and repeatable; it allows the human spirit to recognise the amazing potential we each have locked away.


      The four examples shown on the following pages are 'offshooots' from that pattern. They give an idea of the symbolism used and the method by which it is shown. It must be stressed that this is not the main pattern, but just a few 'extras.'

1)    A quick look at the kind of thing that has been found before and has been labelled as 'crank'. This example seemed different because there was something else hidden within it that told a story - yet still left a piece missing. Searching for this missing piece led to the discovery of

2)    The Goose and Rider.  33 miles wide by 44 miles high and perfect in detail and proportion -  yet entirely man made. Containing a message of relevance for us today.

      Another look at the Glastonbury Zodiac led to the discovery of

3)    The Spider - the 13th symbol of the zodiac. A perfectly formed spider etched into the landscape. The spider, representing the feminine, is shown to be under attack from the figure representing the masculine side of man's nature.

      This brings us to the most important and instructive of these samplers.

4)    With an overlay of geometry borrowed from the south of France, another unseen shape can be revealed and the full meaning of the tableau at Glastonbury made clear. It is in fact a condensed version of the message held within the full pattern covering the British Isles. That man's problems lie within himself and that it is within himself that the answers can be found.

   In fact the message seems to be that man can heal himself and that the time to start to do it is now. Even in these four short excerpts the problem and the answer is made clear.  The rest is up to us.