The correct way to approach this site is to read it from start to finish in order as the sections follow on to lead the reader into a new way of thinking about both the landscape and ourselves.
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     Glastonbury    Probably the reason for your first visit to this site.
    Incredible geometry transplanted from Rennes le Chateau (the village made famous by The daVinci Code) that dovetails precisely into the landscape around Glastonbury. Then it can be extended to bring Christ's message alive in the 21st century.

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     The Goose and Rider    Do you think things like those above can't exist?
    At first sight quite horrifying, this 44 x 33 mile figure brings a message to us all. Extremely easy to see yet not noticed until now, it is offered as proof beyond all doubt that things such as this do exist in the landscape - and can be used to bring us a message that is of direct relevance today.

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     Remember    There is more to come
    1) The Glastonbury section has three more pages to be added soon.
    2) The introduction (press the top "Continue" button) states that what is on this site is just an 'introduction' in itself. What is already on this site is enough to change our perception of ourselves and the landscape in which we live for ever. What is to come continues the theme. Extending the full length of the British Isles and drawing together the threads of religion, mythology and 'The Matter of Britain' the big questions that man has asked will at last be answered.

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splash page - The Last Supper, as painted by Da Vinci on a wall in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria del Grazie in Milan.
It is not understood why a doorway was later placed in the position occupied by Christ's feet.