Hidden Landscapes 

Within these pages are things previously hidden, unseen and secret.

    When a child reaches a certain age, things are explained which allow them to proceed with a new view of the world.   So it is with man.
    A child who starts school at 5, becomes a teenager at 13, and then reaches adulthood at 21 has 8 year intervals between his stages of growth.   Man has 2000 years between his ages.

    Man has progressed through the bull cults of Taurus, through the turbulent times of Aries to the balance point of Pisces.   We have been taught the power of love yet still seek power.   We have been shown the wonders of the natural world yet still can't help but destroy it.   Religion and science are still at war, and the head and the heart are seen as opposites.

    So how old is man now?   5, 13 or 21?

    We have reached the age of Aquarius and must learn to stand on our own two feet as we are given  proof.  The time has come to learn the true nature of the world we inhabit and what it tells us about ourselves and the possibilities for our future. These things are not 'of man' yet are clearly there for him. Speaking through the language of symbolism and the geometry of ratio and proportion we are shown the choices we have and the consequences of those choices. Their aim is to teach us a spiritual way of thinking, feeling and acting. To continue the allegory - In the Age of Aquarius the trawled fish are tipped onto the shore with the water of pure spirit.

    The time has come to learn to walk.